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 "Birth of Venus" by Alexandre Cabanel, 1863

*Please note: At this time, I am on a hiatus from offering astrology readings in order to complete a long-term project I am currently hard at work on. I am still offering psychic readings as these are not nearly as time consuming. Please contact me if you would like to be placed on the wait-list for when my astrology readings become available again.

The horoscope, and astrology are my passions because it connects me directly to truth and higher consciousness. The answers are given by the Universe to those who seek them. The planets and stars are one such way that I have found the answers to reveal themselves. Consult me and allow me to use the tools provided by our Universe to help you to find your connection with your truth, and your higher self. How deep we go is up to you; any area of your life, any question in your heart, and the various purposes and challenges you face therein, can be reflected with vision and wisdom from the mysterious side; the stars are echoes to our lives, and if we listen, repeat back to us the missing pieces. We all have our battles and we all have our strategies; we often think for everyone it is the same, when in fact each soul has his own distinctive map; I can help you to discover the knowledge of how you will best find your way through your one of a kind life.
Note: I do not use any computer programs in my work. This is all done personally, by me, and I take my time and I go deep. I’m here to give you real tailored to you information, not give you something impersonal and useless!


My astrology readings combine all of the techniques as described below, with the exception of an electional chart which is offered separately. Read on to learn more about what an astrology reading with me entails, and how I will decipher the information you seek.


Natal Chart Readings                                          websitenatal.png

Zodiac signs and magazine horoscopes are fun, but they hardly tell the whole story. The natal chart, otherwise known as a horoscope, is the blueprint of your life, and your soul journey. The natal chart reflects all seasons and all areas of life; challenges, talents, soul purposes, fears, desires, and the key to achieving fulfillment in your specific dreams are all things vividly expressed in the natal chart. Your marital potential, finances, children, creativity, career, friendships, hopes and wishes and how you are viewed personally and publicly will be explored. We will together examine the unique systems originating from your soul’s path which unlock the map to evolution and success in all areas of your life. The past and present, along with the codes to designing a better future, are thoroughly grasped in the viewing of the natal chart.

Solar Return Chart Readings                                                websitesun.jpg

The solar chart is drawn at the time when the Sun returns to the exact point in the zodiac where it was placed at the time of your birth; this happens once a year, always near or upon your actual birthday. The solar chart forecasts the year ahead, it is a horoscope that lasts until your next birthday. The solar chart answers the following types of questions:


  • What trials do you face in the year to come and how can you best prepare yourself?
  • When can you expect to be lucky, and in what ways might fortune favor you this year?
  • What will be important to you this year, and what who will be important to you?
  • What will your relationships bring your way this year?
  • What specific days or times of the year might be significant to look out for?
  • How will you be viewed by others in the year to come?


Lunar Cycle Forecasts                                                    websitelunar.jpg

Our bodies are made up of 80% water, and the moon, which controls water and the seas, thus governs our daily lives. The cycles of the moon in her various phases may hit a personal point in the natal chart. When people feel dramatic shifts in the energy within them and around them, chances are that this shift can be reflected in the lunar cycles affecting their personal natal chart. Particularly the lunar and solar eclipses, when affecting the natal chart, can have a climatic effect over your life. If you’re going to be feeling extremely emotional at a certain point in time, it helps to know in advance! That is why I do lunar cycle forecasts. A lunar cycle forecast can help you prepare for challenges and look forward to blessings the moon may bring your way.

Planetary Transits                                                               websitejupiter.jpg

Similar to the moon, the movements in the heavens can have a very personal impact. How you feel now, what happens now, and how you feel later and what happens later, can largely be understood in examination of planetary transits and how they affect your natal chart.

I look at the transits now, and transits over the next six months, which give much needed insight, validation, and the luxury often, of preparation concerning the energy of your life now and in the near future.

It’s good to know when you might have a little boost in your ability to generate fortune, and when you might need to watch your step a little closely. It’s also good to know that what you might be going through is a part of a larger cycle which can be put into a sensible perspective, and that you aren’t crazy.



Progressed Charts                                                               websitetree.jpg

Progressed charts give a deeper look into the essence of personal development and soul growth. Who have you been, who are you now, where are you going, and furthermore, how can you make the most of it? Progressed charts also give insight into future energy, and what may be happening in your life six months, or five years from now.



Timing/Electional Charts                                                 websiteseedsow.jpg

Timing really is everything. Our lives are reflected by the heavens. A little time spent casting the correct chart that reflects a successful outcome tailored specifically to the event can do a great deal in favor of your fate. Whether it is a wedding, a business meeting, a first date or the signing of a contract, I will draw an electional chart that will put time entirely on your side.

 Requires 30 minute phone consult in order for me to assess the needs and goals of the event. Some further consultation may be necessary.

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