Natal Chart Readings

Natal Chart Readings                                          websitenatal.png

Zodiac signs and magazine horoscopes are fun, but they hardly tell the whole story. The natal chart, otherwise known as a horoscope, is the blueprint of your life, and your soul journey. The natal chart reflects all seasons and all areas of life; challenges, talents, soul purposes, fears, desires, and the key to achieving fulfillment in your specific dreams are all things vividly expressed in the natal chart. Your marital potential, finances, children, creativity, career, friendships, hopes and wishes and how you are viewed personally and publicly will be explored. We will together examine the unique systems originating from your soul’s path which unlock the map to evolution and success in all areas of your life. The past and present, along with the codes to designing a better future, are thoroughly grasped in the viewing of the natal chart.

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