Psychic-Astrology Readings

Services Offered by Alayna: Psychic & Astrology Readings

About My Astrology Readings: I will study your chart ahead of time, while skimming your energy on an intuitive level. Your chart will express  a blueprint of your life, as well any energies impacting it in the past, present, and future. I spend 2-3 hours or more doing this before we speak. I am very thorough. 

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*Please note: At this time, I am on a hiatus from offering astrology readings in order to complete a long-term project I am currently hard at work on. I am still offering psychic readings as these are not nearly as time consuming. Please contact me if you would like to be placed on the wait-list for when my astrology readings become available again.

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About My Psychic Readings

Depending on your situation, I may want to look over your astrology chart at some point, even though you're getting a psychic reading. When I do psychic readings in this way, I interchangeably convey information understood through your chart and my psychic impressions in order to provide you with accurate and useful guidance. As a psychic, I am gifted as a channel, clairvoyant (seeing ahead), empath (feeling), clairsentient (knowing), and clairaudient (hearing.) In addition to my independent perceptions, I often communicate with my guides, who confirm information and add layers to my understanding. I have a natural business intellect and a very psychological instinct. Along with in depth spiritual guidance, I consider my specialties to be business advice as well as getting to the heart of a person’s psyche, the latter of which can be used both for understanding of others and oneself, and can be extremely instrumental in overcoming personal obstacles.

When directed to a general area of question by the client, I will instantly discern a larger picture and then a series of details will follow. I may tap into personalities, thoughts, and emotions. I will perceive the sequence of events past, present, and future, and many other various aspects may come into play. My approach is simple and I do not judge; I have a strong belief system that goes something like this: I am given these gifts in order to provide people with a safe, confidential and non judgmental means to access helpful information and insight that they would not otherwise know and to develop the faith in their own natural wisdom, strength, ability and spiritual gifts. 


I also do psychic healing work, which we can discuss if you are interested.


What Areas of Life Do My Readings Typically Cover?

My readings generally delve quite easily into any matter of life. If the connection is there (which it is almost always) then I will be able to feel what it is you are seeking, whether it is a light casual update or a more extensive analysis of your soul's destiny, or your life's higher purposes. So in the interest of answering the question of "Where can we go with this?" the answer is simply, "Anywhere you desire." The universe knows what you are ready to hear, what you need to hear, and everything else. She talks to me, and she talks to you. When I tap into her directly, so long as I listen to her, she will tell me exactly where to go. 


Career/Business/Finances                                                propsperousbuddha.jpg

This area of life can almost always benefit from a sharp insight into the less than readily known details. Especially those details that would be helpful in overcoming various challenges. I can help in this way.

Love & Relationships                                             websitejohnnycash.jpg
In love matters I perceive the core nature of a relationship and or your ambitions in love, and I work with you to break down the purpose, and help you see clearly the way of your chosen path. I can read the intentions of your would be, or current lover. One of my specialties is getting into someone’s mind and reading their psychology/thought process. I won’t violate privacy but I will help you understand your partner and what you can do to improve your relationship or understand its meaning in your life.
Spirituality                                                                     websitechakra.jpg
On a deeper level I can offer spiritual guidance, which entails an intuitive exchange between you and I wherein we explore the depths of your higher purposes in this lifetime and the course with which you will find yourself pursuing them. I provide objective and clear sight into the heart of your concerns, your life, your focus; and then together we discern your strengths, your weaknesses, and how to make the most of all of it. 



If a reading is purchased and the full amount of time is not used, you will be sent a voucher showing the remaining time, which can be used at a later date of your choice.


IMPORTANT, please read before you contact me for a reading: I ask that clients contacting me be completely willing to hear the truth, even as it may be challenging to hear. I occasionally will be contacted by people who will want me to tell them a fairy tale. I don't blame them. But that isn't the kind of service I offer; I believe in telling the truth (compassionately and with love), and warning you if I think it is important. I will always give you HOPE about your life because there is always hope for everyone, but it may not be hope concerning a specific outcome.