Below is a sample of the feedback and testimonials I have acquired from clients over the years... I am truly honored by the words of my clients and can do not better than to quote them because they are sincere and touching. You may notice some of them call me "Lane." This is a nickname which some of my clients know me by...you are welcome to call me Lane, too, or Alayna. I respond to either :) Fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you would like to leave your own testimonial...I will be more than honored to add it to this page. God bless!


Name/Nickname: Billy
I'll echo the testimonials: Lane has a rare gift and, just as unusual, delivers it in clear, matter-of-fact and understandable language. No mumbo-jumbo, no haziness unless choices are involved on the part of the client and she's proven uncannily accurate in outlining future employment developments that were impossible to pinpoint months earlier, as she did. And she's very easy to communicate with back and forth; quiet and non-judgmental, more than generous with both her time and further follow-up questions. One of the best I've seen, and hopefully she'll continue sharing with this ability for a long, long time to come. Thanks, again.

Lane is damn accurate. I am very worried at work right now, as there are alot of rumors of layoffs and we've already taken a pay reduction. So, I contacted Lane and asked her what would happen. She predicted 6 co-workers in my department would be laid off, and that it would be 5 women and 1 man. She also told me I would not be laid off, and would actually become more powerful. She told me I should get closer to my boss, and I would become the confidant and next most important person. Guess what? Yesterday, my boss told me in strictest confidence that 6 people would be laid off, and who they were: 5 women and 1 man!!! And my boss has brought me to all the executive meetings. She also told me I'd get a big tax return. I did! 

Listen up this is one of the BEST readers anywhere. She's very specific- she told me I'd have two flings when I was away, I did (& this is not at all ordinary for me!). She said my love would be in contact twice in a week- it seemed unlikely and then right at the end of the week came an email and a chat attempt. Seriously! She's right on these details and right in the larger picture. She's a real go-to psychic who picks up what others really are feeling and she has been a gray counsellor, letting me know how my energies affect the situation. Five stars are not enough! 

Alayna told me taht I will be losing my job by the end of June. It is confirmed today by my Senior Director of Human Resources. She is 100% accurate. She also said that I will receive a reasonable severance. I will find out by Monday if this is the case. Finally, she also said that I will receive a job offer by the end of July. It will be a job that pays more, and I will much happier in. I hope that she is right about this. So far, she is 100% accurate. 100%. I couldn't have asked for more accuracy.

She is off the charts accurate! She's picked up on so much in the time I've been reading with her. Her predictions manifest and she is also very empowering and encouraging. I recommend her fully and totally! 

I just want to thank you for all that you do. Your wonderful. You have been there for me so many times and gotten me through the worst situations, making me feel so much better and to know things will be okay, is so reassuring. I dont know what I would do without you. Thank you so much, your wonderful.

I just gave her a name and she was able to tap right into the energy of the person in question. She hit the nail on the head when she described exactly what I was experiencing and thinking about the situation. Thanks so much for a wonderful reading! 

MY GREATEST SUPPORTER EVER!!! I Love Lane -- she gets me, gets my life and the path I am on and is helping me make ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE! She not only helps with predictions but the things that are important to you but empowers you to trust your own intuition and to make what you want to happen, HAPPEN!! There is a part of me that says CALL Her and that selfish little part that wants to have her all to myself, just kidding -- never regret a call to LANE -- She is the BEST - A million stars and HUGE GRATITUDE! 

WOW, it has been a long time since I spoke to you. So much new in my life. You picked up the new energy without me saying much. You nailed it, the personality of the person in questions was bang on. You were accurate in the accounts of the past with the law even. I was so impressed on how you picked up on how I was feeling and the person close to me. You picked up on some details that no one could know. It is rare to get a genuine reading, without judgment. Did not like everything you said but it was was true. Thank You for being honest and accurate! 

astonishing! You told me earlier this year something very important would happen by now and yesterday it did! = ) never thought I would see this day! = ) believe you are right about what you see for me now god bless! thank you so much! 

What an amazing connection. You connected so quick and was seeing and telling me things without me saying a word. It's like as if you were there when the conversation happened. You truly NAILED it and I'm so impressed. I'm so glad I talked to you. Thanks, and God Bless You.

WOW seriously amazing incredible!! thank you so much for helping me with your incredible gifts and compassionate healing energy- you're an angel!!! 

She is excellent. The one I trust the most. So direct and so straight. Does not waste any time. Nothing sugarcoated. What everyone calls big oportunity, take it as big only if Alayna says so. For knowing the future without false hopes she is the best.

From the first time I spoke to her she has been right on the money. Very gifted. She also truly cares about her clients. Alayna has given me the good and bad with detail and so much information on what is really going on. Making the situation very clear for me. Give her a try. She is worth it.

She picked up right where we left off, did not miss a beat!! And I have to say last predictions all transpired exactly as she described them. Such healing and positive energy, always accurate and so caring!! Love her!! 

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